Toyota offers best practices for safely repairing EVs

Toyota has created a list of advisable processes professionals want to be mindful of when working any of its cars that is made up of a higher-voltage battery.

The most effective tactics, spelled out in an post recently released on the Toyota Genuine Sections site, apply to any electric motor vehicle (EV), plug-in hybrid electric automobile (PHEV), gasoline mobile electrical car (FCEV) , or hybrid vehicle (HV) manufactured by Toyota.

Repairers hunting to estimate, diagnose or mend a single of these motor vehicles are directed to Toyota’s Complex Info Process (TIS) web site,, for “the belongings that will help you get up-to-velocity on these substantial-tech autos,” the report claims. “In numerous situations, Toyota has a maintenance bulletin that outlines how to guard on your own all through repairs and provides safety measures that need to be taken right before the inspection and company of the large-voltage circuit.”

Amongst particular interest, Toyota said, are treatments relevant to properly disarming the significant voltage methods, and the additional refinishing time these vehicles could need.

Normally bear in mind that safety comes initially, no make any difference which variety of motor vehicle or battery is staying worked on. “Always do your research and just take the correct precautions in advance of doing the job on one particular of these advanced automobiles,” Toyota advises.

Most effective practices

Any time a auto with a superior-voltage battery has been in a collision, there is a opportunity that the battery and its contents have been compromised, boosting hazards of fire and electrocution. Toyota endorses that, soon after a crash, all superior-voltage batteries be treated as nevertheless they are unstable, as a precaution.

What follows is the OEM’s list of tips:

  • Immediately after turning the car off and eliminating the assistance plug grip, wait at the very least 10 minutes to discharge the superior-voltage capacitor inside of the inverter.
  • If the battery has been ruined or punctured, isolate the auto at minimum 50 ft away from other flammable or flamable elements.
  • Objects that could start the engine or hybrid process, such as key fobs, should really be stored away from the motor vehicle and locked in a container out of array from the car or truck.
  • At the time a significant-voltage battery is disabled and discharged, the car or truck ought to hardly ever be rolled on its wheels, as this can make voltage to the battery system.
  • Higher-voltage private protection products, including gloves (rubber and leather-based), boots, experience protect, and safety glasses, are important.
  • Look at insulated gloves to ensure they are free of cracks, tears, and other types of destruction in advance of setting up your operate.
  • Never have any steel objects — like mechanical pencils or rulers — in close proximity to the car or truck you are servicing if they are unintentionally dropped into the engine, they can cause a quick circuit.
  • In advance of touching a bare significant-voltage terminal, put on insulated gloves and use a tester to make absolutely sure that the terminal voltage is 0V.
  • Right after disconnecting or exposing a high-voltage connector or terminal, insulate it promptly using insulating tape.
  • Bolts and nuts used for superior-voltage terminals must be tightened to the specified torque — inadequate or extreme torque could induce a failure.
  • Post a “CAUTION: Superior VOLTAGE DO NOT TOUCH” indicator near the car to notify many others that the large-voltage technique is being inspected and/or repaired.
  • When welding on an EV, PHEV, FCEV, or HV, adhere to the very same safeguards as when welding on a common auto as a ideal practice, disconnect each the 12V battery and the large-voltage battery services disconnect.
  • Immediately after servicing a high-voltage program and right before reinstalling the provider plug grip, check that you have not remaining any parts or instruments within, that the high-voltage terminals are firmly tightened, and that the connectors are appropriately related.
  • When operating on a superior-voltage circuit, use both a device wrapped with vinyl insulation tape or use an insulated instrument.

Repairers ought to often examine the proper bulletin for the car they are restoring right before commencing work, to test for extra suggestions and cautions.

Care of 12V auxiliary batteries

If a car or truck is to be saved for 30 times or extra, Toyota suggests that the shift lever be in the “park” placement, and all lights, extras, and the hybrid system be turned off just before disconnecting the adverse terminal of the 12-volt auxiliary battery.

If an auxiliary battery ought to be recharged, Toyota suggests working with a battery charger created for the career, with microprocessors that can range the cost fee dependent on the battery’s wants. This can protect against destruction to the battery brought about by substantial existing fees. Specific Company Device (SST) GR8 Battery Diagnostic Station is the Toyota specified battery charger designed for charging auxiliary batteries.

For appropriate managing and charging of hybrid vehicle auxiliary batteries, see Toyota Specialized Support Bulletin TSB-0043-16, found on TIS.

In use, the auxiliary battery is billed by the higher-voltage battery. If the auxiliary battery is reduced on cost, you may perhaps use a soar box to “ready” the motor vehicle and let the onboard charging program to restore the 12-volt battery to its ideal level.

As with inner combustion motor (ICE) vehicles, the 12-volt auxiliary battery must be disconnected just before any welding is finished, Toyota cautions.

“The most substantial explanation to disconnect a motor vehicle battery just before the repair service is to secure your self and the vehicle’s electrical devices, especially whilst welding,” Toyota said.

“A 12V battery needs to be disconnected, fundamentally taking off-line all circuits and related elements to defend them when welding on the vehicle,” cautions Mike Anderson of Collision Advice. “In addition, the primary SRS Ecu (Electrical Manage Device) wire harness should be disconnected and any ECUs within 18-inches of weld spots taken off. These further methods support avoid the opportunity for accidental airbag discharge and destruction to ECUs from induced welding existing.”

Hydrogen fuel mobile technique

The Toyota Mirai is run by a hydrogen fuel mobile procedure, in which hydrogen from the gas tank reacts chemically with air coming in from the intake grille to create electric power. The electrical power powers an AC motor that drives the rear wheels.

Toyota cautions that before starting up repairs on a Mirai, an FCEV-Certified Toyota Dealership and Technician need to be consulted to assess the destruction to the hydrogen gasoline method parts: the gasoline mobile stack, gas technique piping, receptacle, tube joints, sensors, regulator, and tank assemblies.

The safety measures for other EVs and HVs implement to the Mirai, with the extra consideration of the compressed hydrogen gas saved in substantial-tension tanks. The hydrogen need to be unveiled to getting rid of the tanks from the car. Toyota directs repairers to have an FCEV-Qualified Toyota Technician enable with releasing the hydrogen.

Other things to consider:

  • Large-tension hydrogen pipes have pink insulation for identification uses.
    Toyota real gasoline cell stack coolant can not be reused – refill only with new Toyota Genuine FC Stack Coolant Whole Provider Kit-20L (P/N 08889-80350).
  • When reducing and welding, do not allow for sparks or warm fragments to contact the hydrogen fuel components. If that takes place, remove the hydrogen tanks before continuing.
  • Do not make it possible for solvents to contact the hydrogen fuel tanks.

The Mirai has been manufactured in quite constrained figures. In calendar calendar year 2021, just 2,629 were being bought in the US.

I-Vehicle EV methods

On the I-Car website, you will find hyperlinks to other OEM-certain information and facts, compiled by I-CAR’s Repairability Specialized Assist (RTS) crew. You’ll also discover a selection of other standard EV-associated details, like I-CAR’s thorough ideal apply on HV disconnection, as properly as specialized article content published by I-Automobile industry experts.

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