This Mercury Cougar Eliminator Restomod Eliminates Its Modern Muscle Car Competition

HotCars digital artist Timothy Adry Emmanuel recreates a Cougar that brings together the common styling of the authentic and adds some contemporary attractiveness.

In the heyday of American muscle cars all through the 1960s and 1970s, the race for muscle car supremacy was a tough-fought struggle concerning GM, Ford, and Chrysler, with each automaker generating a portfolio of muscle cars and trucks that suited the taste of a huge range of potential buyers.

1 these auto was the Mercury Cougar, developed to offer a extra high-class version of the Ford Mustang, with the Eliminator trim of the Cougar getting especially noteworthy. In an exclusive render, HotCars digital artist Timothy Adry Emmanuel imagines the Cougar Eliminator with a restomod cure in a structure that matches with the legendary muscle car or truck seem of the Cougar and fuses in modern-day charm.

Mercury Cougar Eliminator Restomod

Cougar Eliminator Restomod - Side View
Via: Hotcars

The Cougar gained one of a kind styling things apart from the Mustang like concealed headlights, a style and design choice that Timothy Adry Emmanuel retains in location for the render. In addition to its halo-design and style lights, the render capabilities a stealthy, modern-day-seeking style that is intently aligned with the common Cougar.

The lights have a similar really feel as the modern day Dodge Charger rear taillights that use a halo mild model that surrounds the perimeter of the rear of the motor vehicle. The Cougar restomod has an exposed engine with a substantial supercharger on top rated, a clear symbol of the car’s electricity and abilities.

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The all round shape of the front of the automobile is in line with the traditional Cougar, as is the basic form of the motor vehicle from the back again. The traces in the restomod are more intense than a manufacturing Cougar, specially on the aspect, with apparent aspect exhaust pipes being 1 of the most important variances. The horizontal grille put in the middle of the headlight bezels is also a close style and design to the primary Cougar. The Cougar Eliminator Restomod has a reduced profile, broader tires, and greater racing wheels.

The rear of the Cougar Restomod keeps the taillight style and design and rear wing that you would locate on an unique Cougar Eliminator, blended in a gunmetal grey paint finish. The fenders on the vehicle are broader, partially to accommodate the broader tires and improved stance of the auto. A extra pronounced underbody spoiler lip at the front of the vehicle even further updates the look of the Cougar in excess of a 1960s muscle mass auto variation and more changes the car’s appear to fit with present day muscle vehicle style and design.

Updating The Mercury Cougar With A Contemporary Ford Motor

Cougar Eliminator Restomod - Rear View
By way of: Hotcars

Considering the fact that the Eliminator served as a counterpart to the Boss 302 Mustang and Ford Mustang Mach 1 in the typical edition, this restomod can also borrow from its modern day Mustang cousins.

With that in thoughts, a modern day Coyote 5.-liter V8 motor from a Ford Mustang Mach 1 makes the most sense for this Cougar because it is technically a 302 cu. in. engine. With some modifications, this engine with the huge blower sticking out of the hood should really make north of 1,000 hp. Then, this Cougar ought to have no problem hunting down Hellcats, Demons, and everyone else brave more than enough to challenge.

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