The Most Reliable Ford Diesel Truck According to MotorTrend

Among the those people who want really serious torque from their pickup truck, diesel engines keep a distinctive area. And a person diesel powerplant from Ford is viewed by quite a few to be one particular of the very best, the 7.3-liter Energy Stroke. This motor generates up to 275 horsepower and up to 525 pound-foot of torque. It also has a track record for getting just about bulletproof. This is why Ford Super Obligation trucks with the 7.3 are so sought-following.

Is the 7.3 L diesel a great motor?

The Ford 7.3-liter Electric power Stroke engine is nicely-regarded for its longevity and capability to tackle added energy. It makes use of a cast-iron block and cylinder heads, moreover it has a somewhat basic style. These components direct to a significant engine that can electricity a large-obligation pickup with relatively small maintenance challenges.