The 2015 Equus Bass 770 Is A Ridiculously Gorgeous Retro-Styled Automotive Beast

The 2015 Equus Bass 770 Is A Ridiculously Gorgeous Retro-Styled Automotive Beast

American muscle car. Handcrafted in Detroit, Michigan, the birthplace of the automotive industry in the United States. The discovery that another new automobile business has grown up in the greater Motor City and manufactured three supposedly fully hatched examples of their new model nearly entirely from scratch without making much of a splash was probably the biggest surprise of the 2014 Detroit auto show.

The 2015 Equus BASS770, a custom-made, entirely tailored tribute to late 1960s muscle vehicles created by EQUUS Automotive in suburban Rochester Hills, originates from this cradle of steel and sparks. In October 2013, the specialist carmaker began taking orders for its iconic coupe.

The 2015 BASS770 is the result of a lifelong interest for true muscle cars from the 1960s and 1970s. The front looks like a ’67 Mustang with a ’69 Shelby GT500, but the back looks like a Holden Interceptor with quasi-1969 Charger lamps. The famous beauties’ extraordinary alluring power, fueled by their unique fastback characteristic, entranced and enthralled to this day. As a brand-new muscle car bringing together the best of 21st century American technical savoir-faire, the 2015 Equus Bass 770 proudly sets a new standard in the international luxury automobile segment.

With an experienced team of expert automobile enthusiasts, Equus Automotive Inc. worked on the Bass 770 project for the previous six years until its debut in 2015. The 2015 BASS770 is centered on bringing together all the greatest of American know-how throughout the decades to create a true DREAM vehicle. The authentic sensations of classic muscle cars combined with the dependability of current technology.

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The 2015 Equus Bass 770 Comes Standard With A Mind-Boggling Powertrain

A customized 6.2L supercharged aluminum V8 prime mover provides power for this one-of-a-kind masterpiece. A 640-horsepower engine powers the car. A tube-and-tub aluminum chassis lies beneath the skin, resembling a race car rather than a production car. The weight on the curb is a modest 3,640 pounds. A six-speed manual rear-mounted gearbox with two clutches distributes torque to the rear wheels. The vehicle does not come with an automatic transmission. This powertrain’s precise efficiency satisfies the most stringent emissions standards.

This modern muscle car is supported by a handcrafted chassis structure constructed of aluminum extrusions with super-formed floor panels and high-strength steel. A racing-inspired roll cage (integrated into the aluminum-carbon composite body) and extended energy absorption zones are among the features. The aluminum chassis is designed to strike the optimum mix between lightness and agility while maintaining precise handling.

The rear-wheel-drive, front-mid-engine arrangement provides the perfect weight distribution for dynamic handling. At every speed, the broad wheelbase and wide tracks ensure precise stability. Carbon ceramic brakes offer the best combination of performance, stopping distance, and longevity. The wheels hug the ground thanks to the magnetic suspension technology. The 2015 Equus Bass 770 has a 3.4-second zero to sixty time and a top speed of 200 mph.

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A Retro-Styled Seductive Automotive Monster That Offers A Beastly Interior

The interior sensation of the passenger cabin is the result of a marriage of modern ergonomics study with the design spirit of the cockpits of muscle cars from the 1960s and 1970s. These technological and comfort researches result in an exciting new driving experience. The interior design and leather upholstery are completely customized to get the desired effect. The interior is completely unique, with only a few sections that appear vaguely familiar (the start-stop button looks Corvette-y, and the reading-light cluster seems familiar).

The different electronics are controlled by old-school toggle switches, and the A/C controls are hidden behind a chrome bezel that resembles an antique radio. A touch-screen Alpine aftermarket unit handles radio functions. The car includes airbags, and crash testing was done digitally on a computer, but real-world testing is still awaiting. You name it: extreme luxury refinement or sporty lightweight race preparation, body improvements or completely new design, vintage muscle look or contemporary artwork painting, unique body color and rare materials…

The 2015 Equus Bass 770 Is A Beauty, A Seduction, And An Elegant Muscle Car That Didn’t Come Cheap

If having a handcrafted vehicle wasn’t enough, the automaker also sells Bespoke coupes. During a customizing program, a customer will be followed by a specialized designer, and their greatest wishes will come true. Customers will have endless power to make their BASS770 ownership a once in a lifetime experience thanks to a worldwide network of the greatest craftsmen, artists, and performance gurus.

The standard Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the 2015 Equus BASS770 coupe is $250,000, with bespoke options available for an additional $50,000. The business has manufactured three automobiles, each of which was presented at the 2014 Detroit auto show (one in red, white, and blue), with orders for another 20. The goal was to produce 100 units per year.

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