Rust Penetrating Oil: What you should Know

Rust Penetrating Oil: What you should Know

What Is Rust Penetrating Oil?

Rust penetrating oil is a fluid product that has been designed to penetrate the metal surface and strip away any rust that is present. It will also leave behind a protective coating that helps to prevent further corrosion. There are several types of penetrating oil on the market, each with pros and cons. The best one for your situation will depend on what you need it for.

How Does Rust Penetrating Oil Work?

This type of oil works by wicking away moisture from rusted surfaces, making it easier to remove the rust or loosen corroded parts. It is typically sprayed onto the surface you want to be protected or applied directly onto a screw head, nut or bolt before unscrewing them. This allows the lubricant’s chemicals to soak through all the tiny crevices between threads where water may have gotten trapped when assembled and cause corrosion over time.

How Can I Apply Rust Penetrating Oil?

The process of applying this product can be done in three different ways: Spray-On/Wipe-Off: For larger jobs where multiple pieces will be coated at once (such as old motorcycle engine parts), spraying an even layer onto each item does not take much time — make sure no one walks by while it’s drying! Afterward, wipe off any excess with a rag before reusing those items later. Nothing gets left behind that could leak into food or drink containers if they were being stored near where these items were treated earlier.


Rust penetrating oil is an excellent way to remove rust from metal and restore it to a condition that will fend off future rust damage. Even if you only have light rust on your fixtures, investing in the proper rust penetrating oil can help you save on costly repairs in the future.