More Than Half of U.S. Trucks Use Advanced Diesel Technology – Fuel Smarts

Diesel is the most energy-efficient internal combustion engine and the prime mover for key sectors of the global economy such as transportation, agriculture, and mining. - Photo: Diesel Technology Forum.&#13

Diesel is the most energy-productive interior combustion engine and the key mover for important sectors of the world economy this sort of as transportation, agriculture, and mining.

Picture: Diesel Know-how Discussion board.


Investigate reveals that for the first time, more than 50 percent of all diesel industrial cars on the road in the U.S. are highly developed diesel technological innovation designs, according to the Diesel Technology Discussion board. 

Primarily based on IHS Markit data of cars in operation as of December 2021, a DTF-commissioned research discovered that the national common of the number of 2010 product yr or afterwards diesel vehicles was 53{09e594db938380acbda72fd0ffbcd1ef1c99380160786adb3aba3c50c4545157} — up extra than 4{09e594db938380acbda72fd0ffbcd1ef1c99380160786adb3aba3c50c4545157} above the prior yr.

MY 2010 and later vans are equipped with superior diesel engines that limit the production of emissions by means of effective combustion, although managing remaining emissions via state-of-the-art systems such as particulate filters, oxidation catalysts, and selective catalytic reduction systems. This permits new diesel trucks to attain in close proximity to-zero emissions with escalating fuel efficiency and decreased CO2 emissions, according to the team.

In previous investigate commissioned for DTF, AutoForecast Solutions found that raising the quantities of advanced diesel technological know-how vans on the road will eradicate a lot more than 1.3 billion tons of CO2 all through this decade.

“This is wonderful information for our atmosphere and financial system,” said DTF Executive Director Allen Schaeffer in a news launch. “It demonstrates that our nation’s truckers, and professional fleet owners, are choosing state-of-the-art diesel engineering, up 4.2{09e594db938380acbda72fd0ffbcd1ef1c99380160786adb3aba3c50c4545157} above the earlier yr. That is due to the fact of its sound observe document of efficiency, dependability, and toughness. Advanced diesel know-how trucks will proceed to dominate the industry for these reasons, and a lot of more, for decades to occur.”

Schaeffer mentioned he’s self-assured in diesel’s long run dominance mainly because individuals exact superior diesel engines, as perfectly as more mature diesel engines, are able of jogging on very low-carbon renewable biofuels. Taken jointly, these aspects make diesel technology component of the resolution to lowering greenhouse fuel emissions. They lower GHG and other emissions 20-80{09e594db938380acbda72fd0ffbcd1ef1c99380160786adb3aba3c50c4545157} as opposed to standard diesel gasoline.

As Schaeffer recently testified to the U.S. Environmental Security Agency, the most up-to-date generation of advanced diesel know-how has realized far more than 98{09e594db938380acbda72fd0ffbcd1ef1c99380160786adb3aba3c50c4545157} reduction in nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate subject (PM). Considering the fact that 2011, this has translated into preserving much more than 20 billion gallons of fuel, alongside with involved emissions gains (protecting against 202 million metric tons of GHG emissions and 27 million metric tons of NOx emissions).

This sophisticated diesel technological innovation is also a prime alternative for school and transit buses, way too. The IHS Markit facts exhibits 58{09e594db938380acbda72fd0ffbcd1ef1c99380160786adb3aba3c50c4545157} of our country’s school buses use sophisticated diesel know-how now, as well as 47{09e594db938380acbda72fd0ffbcd1ef1c99380160786adb3aba3c50c4545157} of transit buses.

“Even as producers start off to produce zero-emission systems, there is a consensus that diesel technological know-how will continue on to dominate the hefty-obligation industrial trucking sector for decades to come,” Schaeffer said. “The increasing adoption of this most recent technology of diesel technological innovation and transition absent from more mature generations of engineering is the speediest way to realize our nationwide plans of cleaner air and reduced greenhouse gasoline emissions.”