Lamborghini’s 2+2 electric GT car will be here by the end of the decade


Just make it look like the Estoque, please Lambo

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He also noted how electric cars are free to be a little more radical in design, too. “Let me put it this way, the positioning of the battery gives you unexpected body styles. Yes, we have opportunities to be different in terms of body styles, but the cars will always be immediately recognisable as Lamborghinis.

“This is one of the things we want to maintain. We saw the first ideas on the electric car, and they are very promising,” he added.

While it’ll be safe to assume the new model will increase Lambo’s sales, that’s not Winkelmann’s number one target. “There is a limit,” he told TG about whether there’s a ceiling on how many cars are sold each year.

“The brand is much more important than the amount of cars we deliver. The financial results are more important than the cars we deliver. The fourth model will give us an opportunity to grow numbers, but this is not the first and most important thing,” he added.

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Important to feel like a Lambo too. “For the hybridisation [for the next Aventador and Huracán] we’ve made a clear commitment, and we’ve been driving the car so there’s no fear in terms of sound and also in terms of performance.

“With the full electric cars, today we see a lot of longitudinal acceleration, which is very much equal to all the electric cars. We see differences, but we don’t see, today, something which is good for us at Lamborghini. The idea is to have the lateral acceleration coming into this.

“It’s about how you put all the handling capabilities inside the car, which today is missing in electric cars. We’re sure we can do so,” he added.

On the question of hybrids, there’s no doubt that the next-generation of Urus will be even more powerful. “We have to promise each and every generation has more performance. So when hybridisation is coming, it will be more performing than the generation before.

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“For the two super sports cars [Aventador and Huracán] we want to stay hybrid for as long as possible, and we want to see how much synthetic fuel can help us to keep this alive after 2030.”

Watch this space. Or use the space below to tell Lamborghini how much the incoming 2+2 needs to look like the Estoque.