Junkyard Gem: 1987 Jeep Wagoneer Limited

The very first Jeep Wagoneer appeared on American streets all the way again in 1963, a long time prior to American Motors gobbled up the Kaiser Jeep Company, and it remained a large, body-on-body truck all the way as a result of 1983. For 1984, the aged SJ-platform Wagoneer grew to become the Grand Wagoneer and the Wagoneer title turned the prime trim stage for the manufacturer-new unibody Jeep Cherokee. This is a single of individuals Cherokee-based mostly Wagoneers, a snazzy fake-wood-siding-outfitted ’87 Constrained observed in a Denver-spot boneyard not too long ago.

This was the most costly member of the XJ Cherokee loved ones you could purchase new in 1987, with an MSRP of $20,503 (or about $54,605 in inflation-modified 2022 bucks). The incredibly lowest priced Cherokee that yr, with two doorways and two pushed wheels, commenced at just $10,949 (all over $29,160 today).

The Wagoneer Constrained experienced a luxurious interior by 1987 truck criteria, though we would consider it intolerably cramped and noisy now. 

Buyers of early Cherokees and Wagoneers frequently desired handbook transmission in their trucks, which appears to be hard to think now. A 4-pace automated was base products on the 1987 Wagoneer, so the original purchaser of this a single went out of their way to get the three-pedal rig.

As you can see by the angle of the engine’s dangle here, some junkyard shopper purchased the transmission (and gearshift) ahead of I arrived. It need to have been the Peugeot-sourced 5-speed, but there may have been a way to get the superior previous four-on-the-flooring in this truck. XJ industry experts, make sure you recommend.

That engine is the metric-selected version of the early-1960s-vintage American Motors straight-six motor, which you might recall from these golden 1970s hits as the Pacer and Gremlin. The 4. proved to be the most beloved of all AMC engines, very long-time period, and stayed in generation all the way by way of 2006 (when it driven Wranglers).

This one particular was rated at 173 horsepower when new.

Chrysler purchased AMC in the spring of 1987 (mainly to get the precious Jeep model, with secondary drive remaining to purchase all the high priced Renault engineering that went into the Eagle Leading). As these kinds of, this truck however displays AMC branding on the regulatory labels. It was a “49-condition” superior-altitude truck, so it really is very likely it was originally offered in Colorado (or possibly Wyoming or Utah).

Appears to be like it did some traveling close to the Centennial Condition in the course of its daily life.

The ultimate mileage determine was just a bit in excess of 200,000 miles, which is fantastic for a 1980s American Motors product.

Features this kind of as electricity home windows and air conditioning have been nonetheless considered fairly frivolous by a lot of truck purchasers in 1987, but that perspective would improve before long plenty of.

Leaner, meaner, extensively deluxe.