Is Cummins Moving Away From Their Diesel Engine Lineup?

Cummins, just one of the world’s greatest producers of diesel engines, is shifting toward a cleaner gasoline resource. Although the maker of some of the most effective diesel engines in the entire world and the engines utilized in all Ram diesel-driven pickups is not likely electric, they are checking out hydrogen.

What will make Cummins imagine hydrogen is the upcoming?

This 2022 Ram 3500 HD Cummins Diesel pulls a travel trailer. Could this power come from a hydrogen engine in the future?

2022 Ram 3500 High definition Cummins Diesel | Ram

Even although refueling stations providing diesel and gasoline are abundant, the weak mpg and unsafe emissions have moved the automotive planet towards electric powered electrical power. Regrettably, there are some instances when an electric powered motor won’t get the task accomplished.