Here’s What The 2024 Dodge eMuscle Could Look Like

It’s no secret that every automaker is doubling down on electrification. More investments, expanding model lineups, advancements in technology and better charging infrastructure all contribute to the EV movement being even faster than before. With this transition into more sustainable automobiles, we will unfortunately have to wave goodbye to a few certain types of cars. You may think this also includes muscle cars, and their roaring V8 shenanigans.

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Dodge is well aware that the EV revolution is upon us, which is why the Charger and Challenger SRT models won’t live past the 2023 model year, with Dodge also ending production of manual-equipped Challengers. Dodge, too, is planning a transition to an all-electric lineup, but they are not ready to let the muscle car die. Instead, they plan to give it a new lease of life, with an electric powertrain.

We know that the current working title for Dodge’s electric muscle car is eMuscle, and we know that it’s coming some time in 2024. Now, thanks to digital artist and renderer Timothy Adry Emmanuel, we have a speculative glimpse into what Dodge’s battery-powered Challenger successor could look like.

Dodge’s Electric Muscle Car

Front 3/4 view of the eMuscle render in black
HotCars | Timothy Adry

We don’t know much about the eMuscle at the moment. However, we have seen a few glimpses of the exterior, and Dodge has also given us a taste of its synthesized V8 sound, and small glimpses of its front and rear end. Timothy Adry put together a series of renders for HotCars, taking those already known styling cues and putting them together into a solid speculation as to what the production eMuscle could look like. The front features an aggressive splitter and the obligatory light bar, along with the revived Dodge Fratzog logo.

The rear of the eMuscle render finished in blue, in a coast environment
HotCars | Timothy Adry

The general proportions and profile are a cross between the current Dodge Challenger with a whiff of the legendary Plymouth Hemi Cuda, which is full of awesome features. In true EV fashion, it’s all streamlined and simple, with shaved door handles and a lack of exhaust pipes. Interestingly, there’s a hood scoop, and it’s certainly cool to imagine the production model having a motor/battery cooling system that would necessitate a hood scoop, just to keep things faithful to muscle cars of old. Timothy also put together a few renders of the eMuscle finished in some of Dodge’s most iconic colors. Just look how good it looks in Plum Crazy (below).

What Will Power The eMuscle?

Front 3/4 view of the eMuscle render, depicted in Plum Crazy
HotCars | Timothy Adry

As of spring 2022, there is no information regarding the powertrain on the eMuscle. We do know, however, that it will use one of Stellantis’ dedicated EV platforms. Sizing details are also currently unknown, but we’re betting on STLA Large for the eMuscle. Dodge promises over 500 miles of range, but power outputs are currently unknown. It’s safe to assume that the same trim levels as the current Charger and Challenger will be offered, though power outputs will most likely be higher due to the increased weight of the eMuscle’s batteries.

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We speculate that most of the range will huddle around the 400-650 hp neighborhood, with a top of the line Hellcat model offering up 1,000 hp or thereabout. It’s highly likely that the base models will be RWD, whereas the most powerful one will be AWD and use a second motor to achieve its peak output. We also know that the eMuscle’s synthesized sound will resemble a low-revving V8, based on the teaser video that Dodge put out in 2021.

When Will We See The Production eMuscle?

The top of the eMuscle render finished in black
HotCars | Timothy Adry

According to Dodge, we can expect to see the full production version of the eMuscle in 2024, with a concept car due later in 2022. The concept car should give us a pretty good idea of what the production car will look like, while also showcasing other important aspects, like the interior and planned technology. It’s still too early to speculate about pricing, but expect the eMuscle to start at around $55,000 to $60,000 when it arrives on the market.

The side profile of the eMuscle render, finished in black
HotCars | Timothy Adry

Muscle car fans are definitely under threat with the impending rise of electrification. The days of screaming V8s, shredding tires on a drag strip, and good old-fashioned thrills and manual transmissions are nearing their twilight. Even though Dodge is planning on revitalizing its lineup with EVs, their spirit hasn’t changed, and they are hoping to prove to the world that muscle cars can be enjoyed even when gasoline will be outlawed. We can’t wait to see what Dodge has in store for the eMuscle and suspect it’ll be worth the wait.

Exclusive renders by Timothy Adry Emmanuel

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