Here Are the 5 Most Expensive Lamborghini Models on the Planet

For great cause, no one associates Lamborghini with reasonably priced autos. Even the cheapest Lamborghini even now encroaches on the $100,000 mark. Let us be honest in this article, even the company’s candles are expensive. Nonetheless, there is a handful of Lambos that actually go the more mile when it will come to price. We’re speaking about the unique version types that are particularly confined in generation. In circumstance you ended up curious, here are the 5 most costly Lamborghini styles the raging bull has ever made. Even so, for the sake of accuracy, principle cars and trucks that by no means really left the manufacturing facility have to have not apply.

Reventon Roadster – $2.2 Million

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According to Rich Gorilla, the fifth most high priced Lamborghini design that has at any time been marketed to clients is the Reventon Roadster.