Dodge Hellcat Takes On A Ford Mustang GT

The two muscle mass cars and trucks are closely modified as they acquire to the drag race and a shot of nitrous for just one of them, makes for an appealing end result.

The Dodge Hellcat and the Ford Mustang are two muscle mass vehicles that are often heading to make for a seat-gripping drag race. On the Can I be Frank YouTube channel, viewers can enjoy as a Hellcat Bolt-ons 93 will take on the likes of a Ford Mustang GT FBO E85 with a 150 shot of nitrous and a 10-velocity car. It makes for a tense race, and here are the final results.

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Reasonable Competitiveness Among The Muscle mass Autos

With equally muscle mass automobiles boasting modifications, these types of as the Hellcat’s bolt-ons and the Mustang’s shot of nitrous, both vehicles make for reasonable competition. The Hellcat is the speedier car, in common, out of the two, with a typical top rated speed of 199 mph. The Mustang GT FBO E85 generally offers a top pace of 166 mph. Hence, most would think that the Hellcat has a increased advantage.

Nevertheless, after the two motorists strike their accelerators to the floor to show a single an additional what they can do, it would seem that the top velocity figures fly out of the window. This could be because of to the modifications or only the driver’s abilities.

However, the last outcomes are rather stunning. Even even though the Hellcat capabilities modifications and fantastic general performance figures, it seems that these benefits do not offer you an gain on the race strip.

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A Distinct Winner With The Mustang

After the Ford Mustang GT FBO driver indicators the Hellcat to go, the Mustang leaves the Hellcat guiding to show it who is boss. Just after a several seconds, it is difficult to even see where by the Hellcat is. It blends into the darkness and permits the Mustang to just take the win.

With a top pace of 166 mph, the Ford Mustang GT FBO E85 manages to fly absent from the Hellcat and nab the initially spot spot very quickly. The Hellcat will not even appear near to the Mustang at any place during the race. It seems that the Hellcat idles at the rear of the Mustang and has very minor chance of catching up. Consequently, it gives up fairly quickly and the Ford Mustang GT FBO gains the initially area title.

In summary, the modifications on equally cars and trucks consequence in the Mustang GT FBO owning a higher edge. Although the two muscle mass vehicles are good opposition with out the modifications, it appears to be that the excess nitrous manages to aid the Mustang GT FBO E85 leave the race with the 1st position title.

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