Debris on Greensboro roads poses danger

GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Particles in the street or on the side of it poses a threat to drivers in Greensboro. The difficulty has the awareness of city leaders. 

FOX8 crews noticed dozens of blown tires, motor vehicle pieces and many bumpers throughout the metropolis on Monday.

“After an incident, I think we will travel down the street, and it’s not unusual to see bumpers nonetheless remaining on the avenue and other car elements,” claimed Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan at a city council get the job done session on Sept. 1. 

Vaughan told FOX8 that particles left on the street is concerning. She worries the city ordinance in put to preserve the highway obvious is rarely staying enforced.

“I consider it is vital when there is an incident that all the debris gets out of the highway,” Vaughan mentioned. 

Greensboro police have a record of towing services they contact to clear the scene just after a crash happens. 

“I believe that most of the kinds on town rotation pretty significantly thoroughly clean up their incident scene,” reported Ed Washam, president of Gate Metropolis Towing.

Washam’s towing organization has delivered solutions to the city for much more than a decade. 

“There’s normally bumpers and glass which is shattered, plastic elements, elements of motors,” Washam said. “We’ve observed doorways that’ve been reduce off by the hearth section to get individuals out, so all that right there we end up cleaning up.” 

Washam advised FOX8 that the debris drivers see littering the road is probable left when motorists concerned in crashes connect with towing firms on their possess following the harm is performed.  

“It could be from men and women who have wrecks, and they are ready to travel their vehicles off,” Washam said. “They really don’t even report the incident. They really do not have any insurance or everything like that, so they just generate off.” 

Vaughan claimed she wants tow truck companies to understand their purpose in preserving the roadways clear and apparent. 

“I would advise that we make absolutely sure that all of our towing agencies recognize that they can and will…get fined since they are having compensated to get rid of this stuff,” Vaughan stated. 

Vaughan informed FOX8 that towing firms could get a $50 high-quality if debris is not taken off just after a crash.