Consumer Reports: These Are the Least Reliable Cars

2022 Hyundai Kona Electric in red.Customer Reports visitors report additional difficulties with the Ford F-150 Hybrid than any other auto they’ve acquired.

The product analysis provider introduced its yearly car reliability report this week. The report observed that Lexus and Toyota make the most reputable vehicles, even though Jeep and Mercedes-Benz make the types you can rely on least.

But those people rankings reflect an typical of all the vehicles just about every manufacturer builds. There can however be variation in any a single brand name. Hyundai, for occasion, landed smack in the middle of the pack as a manufacturer. But its Kona Electric powered drives in the parade of shame.

Some of that variation is due to how People deal with their vehicles – many whole-size vehicles expend their operating lives carrying construction supplies all around dirt heaps, even though most subcompact automobiles almost never leave paved surfaces.

But some of it can replicate problematic style and design.

CR Works by using Unique Techniques

As you take into account auto dependability, it’s also significant to continue to keep in head how Consumer Reviews comes by its rankings. The journal doesn’t test every vehicle on the market place. Rather, it asks its visitors to report troubles they’ve experienced in the last 12 months, then compiles the success for autos designed given that 2000.

That no question skews the consequence. The form of shopper who subscribes to a magazine that ranks vacuums for price usefulness might not have the very same choices you do.

CR appears at 17 problem locations “from nuisances — this sort of as squeaky brakes and broken interior trim — to significant bummers, these kinds of as out-of-guarantee transmission repairs and problems with 4-wheel-travel systems.”

It then assigns just about every vehicle a dependability score on a 100-level scale primarily based on the selection of complications viewers documented.

A Different Checklist A One Lesson

The listing includes cost-effective cars and trucks (the Nissan Sentra is the most economical, beginning at $19,950). But it also includes some expensive ones (Mercedes-Benz GLE stickers can thrust to almost $120,000 – six Sentras).

It also involves mechanically complex types asked to do a ton (the Ford F-150 Hybrid, a hard-performing hauler with a two-aspect fuel-electric powered drivetrain) and straightforward commuters (that Sentra again).

It even consists of legendary automobiles you know well (the Jeep Wrangler).

If there is a lesson in the listing, it is that you can’t simply just believe in the badge on the entrance of the auto. You have to do your analysis when vehicle purchasing or you could conclusion up with continuous complications from your car or truck.

The 10 Least Dependable Cars:

These 10 were the bottom of the barrel, in descending order of disgrace, according to CR:


*The Silverado and Sierra share nearly all of their areas, so CR treats them as 1 product