ClearFlame CEO Plans to Put Ethanol-Powered Diesel Engines in Ag Equipment, Portable Generators

ClearFlame CEO Plans to Put Ethanol-Powered Diesel Engines in Ag Equipment, Portable Generators

“And, also, when we communicate to fleets about would they alternatively control a a little bit larger sized tank or just gas a very little little bit additional frequently, your common diesel truck will have about a 1,200-mile array. Possessing to refill at 700 miles isn’t bothering most fleets. And all those that do can yet again just carry a minimal bit more substantial tank.”

When it comes to power, torque and all functionality metrics farms have grown to be expecting from a diesel motor, Johnson explained the ClearFlame technological innovation has been able to manage these traits.

ClearFlame utilizes a various gasoline-injection technique and a increased temperature-combustion method, he explained. “And when you marry all those two matters jointly, we are at last in a position to present you can get all of those people same actual diesel efficiency parameters that you expect.”


The function ethanol can participate in in an general carbon-reduction method has been largely neglected by the Biden administration, which is pushing for growth of electric cars.

President Joe Biden’s 2050 local weather action system is banking on what electrification and hydrogen can do for the transportation sector.

Even so, Johnson mentioned the administration also expects far more CO2 reduction in transportation to occur from minimal-carbon fuels than it is from both electric cars or hydrogen, as element of that system.

Replacing diesel fuel with ethanol could guide to a gigaton of carbon reduction in the U.S., he claimed.

At this time, U.S. ethanol producers have the capability to create about 17 billion gallons for each 12 months — or just about 11{09e594db938380acbda72fd0ffbcd1ef1c99380160786adb3aba3c50c4545157} of what it could consider to switch diesel with ethanol.

“No a person can say that fuels like ethanol will not have a part to perform,” Johnson said. “That is a staggering selection that would be like having rid of 90 billion gallons of diesel gas. Just take what that implies for ethanol. Which is about 150 billion gallons of ethanol. The industry opportunity right here is certainly huge.”

Electric powered Vehicles

Johnson mentioned he hears lots of queries about the viability of ethanol as an economic system-broad carbon-reducing gas when in contrast to the long term of electric motor vehicles.

When it comes to ethanol, the data is unmistakable: Its general carbon-depth score is equal to — if not greater than — electric vehicles as points stand now, he mentioned.

A whole lot of environmental groups are asking whether ample ethanol can be manufactured to switch diesel-burning engines.

“That is actually a single of the significant misconceptions that I operate into when I say we run our truck on E98,” Johnson said.

“Men and women say you can’t get that gasoline. I assume there is some kind of misunderstanding that ethanol arrives out of ethanol crops as E10 or some thing like that. As you all know, the economics of ethanol are incredibly aggressive, and also a reduction in carbon emissions that is comparable to that of an electric automobile, and this has been validated by a lot of teams out there,” Johnson said.

In distinct, the likes of Harvard College, Tufts College and Massachusetts Institute of Engineering, have uncovered ethanol to have a 45{09e594db938380acbda72fd0ffbcd1ef1c99380160786adb3aba3c50c4545157} to 50{09e594db938380acbda72fd0ffbcd1ef1c99380160786adb3aba3c50c4545157} reduction in CO2 relative to fossil fuels.

“So, it is not perfect, and I do not think we should be out there conveying that we assume ethanol is a fantastic gasoline, but it is very very similar to the degree of carbon reduction that you get from switching to an electrical motor vehicle right now, mainly because the grid isn’t fantastic possibly,” Johnson claimed.

While electric autos are thought of by environmental groups and other people to be the potential of all transportation, Johnson claimed there generally is settlement that extensive-haul freight vans are unlikely to move absent from liquid fuels before long.

“So, folks will sort of argue a minimal little bit more than how speedily some thing like these vans can electrify,” he stated.

“The exact same argument exists in passenger cars, of class. I do believe that that electrification is a when, not if, but I imagine it’s crucial to keep in mind that when is truly sector dependent.”

While a lot of ethanol marketplace reps are keen to go on the attack of electrical cars, Johnson said ethanol requirements to go on to strengthen its efficiency in reaction to the EV obstacle.

“I don’t feel getting a operate at EVs is a viable system,” he claimed. “Yes, it is genuine they pitch them selves as emissions-free when they’re not simply because the grid is not clean. All all those issues are genuine, but at the stop of the day, they have a opportunity to make improvements to their item, they are worthy of that chance. The ethanol sector can enhance that opportunity.”

In some circles, the watch is ethanol is a gasoline that can be converted into even less-carbon-intense fuels, like renewable diesel.

“ClearFlame is declaring that’s just the mistaken tactic for this sector,” he said.

“Get the engine and modify it so that you guys do not have to fret about making some other fuel.”

Johnson claimed his organization continues to deal with numerous narratives when presenting its technology to several firms and other folks.

Ethanol has the opportunity to remove the idea that shifting to environmentally friendly technologies comes at a high quality value.

“The environment presently is aware of we will need reduced-carbon liquid fuels,” he explained. “They just do not realize that ethanol is a good low-carbon liquid fuel and that it can be used in those people applications that have to have the liquid fuels the most. And this is a sector that has been playing defense for a genuinely very long time.

“But I imagine there is an opportunity to go on the offensive here. If we’re severe about our climate targets, you have to have this gas and you need to listen to this story.”

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