Best Parts To Purchase To Increase A Car’s Performance

In Need For Speed Unbound, players can fully customize their cars. They can focus on the style and aesthetic, designing their dream ride. The game offers everything from paint jobs to total car kits. With full-body customization, the options are nearly endless. However, despite the range of possibilities here, this is not where the primary focus of the player should be when they are trying to optimize their cars.

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The first focus should be on improving the car’s performance in Need For Speed Unbound. This will allow the player to take full advantage of everything the game offers in the way of parts that boost performance factors, including speed. Performance upgrades are essential, and players can get the biggest boost from buying these parts.


9/9 Suspension

car racing in the Drain in Need For Speed Unbound

The suspension of a car is also critical to its performance. However, when the player is upgrading this part, they will need to be careful because a wrong choice can lead to poor performance instead of optimizing it.

There are kits available in the shop for purchase that will allow the player to focus on the traction and handling of their car. They’ll need to pay extra attention to the features of each kit before purchasing them to ensure they will not be putting themselves at a disadvantage.

8/9 Brakes

a race in Need For Speed Unbound

While speed is essential in this game, the player may not be thinking about the need to use their brakes. However, this part is critical and does need some attention when upgrading to ensure their car has optimal performance.

Higher-quality brakes mean better lap times. Additionally, better brakes mean the car can brake later on turns, saving the player on some of the sharpest corners the game has.

7/9 Tires

a car in Need For Speed Unbound

Tires are a primary determinant in a car’s traction and handling profiles. The player will need to ensure their car is outfitted with the best tires designed for it and the surface they will be racing on.

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Different tires have different ratings and stats. They will affect how the car handles and its level of traction. Because of this, performance will also be affected by the type of tires installed on the car. Choosing the best tires for the situation and car will increase performance dramatically.

6/9 Exhaust System

a car getting started in a race in Need For Speed Unbound

The exhaust system is responsible for evacuating all hot gases that have built up in the combustion chamber of the car’s engine. It’s critical that these gases are removed before the next round of combustion to ensure optimal performance.

If the player does not have a high-quality exhaust system on their car, they’ll need to upgrade this part to ensure they get the best performance. Skipping out on buying this important part can leave the player’s car somewhat lacking.

5/9 Fuel System

a car in Need For Speed Unbound

Upgrading the fuel system is essential to improving a car’s performance. It is the primary part responsible for the combustion of air and fuel within the car’s engine. Buying a better fuel system will improve the quality of the mixture.

This will increase the overall power output of the car. In addition, the car’s performance will be greatly boosted with every improvement to the fuel system. The player should make this part a focus when upgrading any of their cars.

4/9 Gearbox

a car drifting in Need For Speed Unbound

Upgrading the gearbox can also improve performance. Each car and engine type has a recommended number of gears that players should follow. However, the number of gears used is also relative to the player’s individual driving style.

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An upgraded gearbox can improve horsepower, speed, and car acceleration. Choosing the right one for their car is essential to maximize the benefit of the upgrade.

3/9 ECU

a car in Need For Speed Unbound

The ECU controls all the electrical components of the car. The better the ECU, the better the overall performance of the car will be, as it is a main part of the car’s engine.

Upgrading the ECU will improve the power output of the engine. The player can look forward to an extensive power boost from buying this part. They’ll notice the difference after just one upgrade of the ECU.

2/9 Engine

engine upgrade options in Need For Speed Unbound

All cars come with a stock engine that could use some improvements in the performance category. There are a couple of ways the player can go about this. First, they can upgrade all the significant parts that lead to the engine, making it work at its peak level.

Second, they can buy a new engine that is everything they ever dreamed of for their car. However, as these are very expensive, the player must carefully consider which one they will buy, or they could quickly burn through their money. Choosing a new engine will lead to improved horsepower and acceleration.

1/9 Nitrous System

car escaping police in Need For Speed Unbound

When it comes to speed, the nitrous system is the most important part that can be upgraded. It can be argued that this is the most important upgrade the player can make to their car. When they need an extra boost of speed in the most critical situation, having a powerful nitrous system is essential.

As the player activates it, more fuel and air are released into the engine. This creates an instant burst of power and speed that will be critical in the most demanding races and police chases.

Need For Speed Unbound is available now on Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC.

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