AZ drivers for Parts Authority, Diligent Delivery win $5.6M judgment

About 1,400 Arizona delivery drivers will split a $5.6 million judgment.

Approximately 1,400 Arizona shipping motorists will share in a $5.6 million judgment from an car-sections distributor and a logistics organization that jointly misclassified them as independent contractors somewhat than employees.

Areas Authority Arizona LLC alongside with joint employer Arizona Logistics Inc., operating as Diligent Supply Systems, were being ordered to spend $2.8 million in back wages and $2.8 million in damages to the 1,398 employees, according to a consent judgment received by the U.S. Office of Labor in federal courtroom.

The consent judgment, issued in November and declared Jan. 12, also orders Parts Authority alongside with Diligent Shipping and delivery Devices and the latter’s operator and CEO, Larry Browne, to pay back $150,000 in penalties.

Payments to workers started late very last 12 months and will go on in installments right up until October 2025.