All Secret Car Part Locations

Saints Row Automobile Parts are a scavenger hunt for setting up some of the finest autos in the sport. Saints Row doesn’t do nearly anything by 50 {09e594db938380acbda72fd0ffbcd1ef1c99380160786adb3aba3c50c4545157} so, of training course, all the motor vehicle components you need to have to gather are strung up on some Mad Max-model car element windmills. Tracking down all of these parts will fill your garage with 7 of the strangest automobiles in the sport. Here are the locations for all of the Saints Row Car Components.

Saints Row Car or truck Pieces: Planning

The Ant jumping off a ramp in the desert

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There are seven motor vehicles to accumulate via gathering auto parts. They fluctuate in pace, ability and general usefulness. The six autos you can acquire are:

  • Vindicator Rocket Car
  • Ghost of the Frying Dutchman
  • Heavyweight Monster Truck
  • Tinfoil Potato
  • Widowmaker Bike
  • The Ant
  • Golden Dump Truck

Most of these vehicles are acquired as a result of gathering the Missing Wheels discovery collectables. These are all immediately marked on your map from early in the activity, so monitoring them down is not a tough job. Not all of them are quick to get to, but none of them need to cause you a great deal issues to get.

To make lifestyle much easier, it is a fantastic plan to bring a helicopter for this. Some of the merchandise are on elevated regions that are not easy to get to on foot. Fortunately, a handful of missions via the most important story will unlock a helipad and give you easy accessibility to a helicopter at all situations.

Only one of these autos does not come from locating Missing Wheels. Fittingly, to get the Golden Dump Truck, you have to have to go Dumpster Diving. Dumpster Diving is as glamorous an exercise as it seems, but thankfully you do not have to have to do a whole lot of it. Hunting via four precise dumpsters will get you the gold truck.

Saints Row Motor vehicle Areas: Vindicator Rocket Car

The Vindicator rocket car in the garage

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Listed here are the areas for all of the Dropped Wheels motor vehicle components you have to have to get to unlock the Vindicator Rocket Car or truck.

  • Badlands North – In the northern portion of the location, in the hills north of the bend in the street to the prison 
  • Badlands North – Still in the northern part of the area, east of the former section, beside a railway bridge
  • Badlands North – Straight south of the former component, near a bridge on the major street
  • Badlands North – South once more from the previous elements, on a hill just outdoors the city
  • Badlands North – Southwest of the previous section, this a person is also in the hills just west of the city, specifically west of the Impressions and All the things is a Million Dollars apparel shops

With these areas gathered, the Vindicator Rocket Car will surface in your garage.

Saints Row Motor vehicle Pieces: Ghost of the Frying Dutchman

The Frying Dutchman in the garage

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Track down all of these Missing Wheels car or truck components to get oneself the Ghost of the Frying Dutchman.

  • Rojas Desert North: In the north of the area, on a brief cliff overlooking the Kavanagh County Park Service constructing. Use a helicopter or the nearby Temperature Station to wingsuit up there
  • Rojas Desert North: Southeast of the prior component, in a auto park overlooking a lake to the east
  • Rojas Desert North: Even more southeast, on the shore of the lake that the previous place was overlooking
  • Rojas Desert North: West of the prior couple of components, on top of a big mesa with a viewing platform. Just take the stairs up, or use a helicopter to get to the prime
  • Rojas Desert North: Southeast of the earlier element, on the other side of the crossroads. On a hill beside a lake

Saints Row Vehicle Pieces: Tinfoil Potato Vehicle

The tinfoil Potato in the garage

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Listed here are all the areas you need to construct your extremely possess Tinfoil Potato vehicle.

  • Badlands South: The most northern motor vehicle element is on the west facet of the major street, on a hill beside a shack
  • Badlands South: Go south from the earlier aspect, you will discover this just one on a hill overlooking a relaxation end and some cell homes
  • Badlands South: Once again, instantly south of the preceding one particular. This a person can be discovered on a slope in a significant open up region of the desert, away from the roadways
  • Badlands South: Head south once more, this portion is out in the center of the dried-up lake mattress beside a boat on a rock
  • Badlands South: Southeast of the earlier element, this 1 is beside the major street. You will discover it on major of a boulder beside a pylon


Saints Row Motor vehicle Parts: Significant Fat Monster Truck

The Heavy Weight in the garage

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Seize these parts to get your very individual Gravedigger. These sections are all over the map, so get ready to set some miles on the clock.

  • Rojas Desert North: In the south of the location, on a compact island in a lake
  • Rojas Desert North: In the northwest, on the border with Monte Vista. On a hill in close proximity to the educate tracks
  • Rojas Desert South: In the really south of the region, on the japanese side of the dam
  • Badlands South: On a hill just outside the city, right south of Go Kart Go!
  • Badlands North: This just one is technically in Badlands North, but it is on an island amongst the area and Lakeshore North. The island is southwest of the key bridge linking the two locations

Saints Row Motor vehicle Areas: Widowmaker Motorbike

The Widowmaker in the garage

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In this article are all of the areas for the Widowmaker pieces.

  • Rojas Desert North: In the west of the location near the border with Old City, in between the two key roads
  • Rojas Desert South: In the much south of the space, east together the coastline from the dam
  • Badlands South: South of the Go Karts Go apparel retail outlet, and east of a smaller lake, on prime of a hill
  • Badlands South: On the western facet of the smaller lake near the earlier element, the Shed Wheels windmill is on major of an aged college bus
  • Badlands North: In the northeast of the area, on an island in the river concerning the Badlands and Lakeshore North. You can use a ramp in Lakeshore North to get there in a rapid vehicle, or you can swim, or choose a helicopter.

Saints Row Vehicle Elements: The Ant

The Ant in the garage

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These sections will get you the common Saints Row dune buggy, the Ant.

  • Rojas Desert South: On top of a person of the shorter mesas in the northern portion of the area. A ramp can get you up there, or use a helicopter
  • Rojas Desert South: This portion can be uncovered just southwest of the former one particular, on leading of a big mesa. There is a ramp to the east which you can use to bounce a automobile to it, or you can use a helicopter to get up there
  • Rojas Desert South: Even further southwest from the very last aspect, this windmill is on a limited cliff close to a water tower
  • Rojas Desert South: Go south from the preceding part to a compact lake, the portion can be uncovered on the southwest shore
  • Rojas Desert South: There is a street on the south facet of the lake, comply with it east until finally you appear to a warehouse beside an outdated crane. The car part can be observed on the roof of the crane.

Saints Row Car Parts: Golden Dump Truck

The Golden Garbage Truck in the garage

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These are the specific dumpsters you require to look for in order to come across the four components that make up the Golden Dump Truck.

  • Old Town East: There is a dumpster in the alley behind Apollo’s Espresso, just off the primary street
  • Lake Sebastian: On New Birmingham Island in the center of Lake Sebastian, you will come across the dumpster in a get rid of on the northern conclude of the island
  • Marina West: The dumpster is at the rear of some properties north of the principal boulevard, and just south of Bear Lake
  • Badlands North: This dumpster is appropriate on the border with Badlands South, on the north side of the highway that divides the two locations. Appear all around the properties east of the Temperature Station.

That is it, all the Saints Row Car Elements you have to have to unlock all of the specific autos. For much more recommendations on the match, check out out the complete Saints Row weapon listing.