Alex Choi Shared How Much His Custom Lambo Cost To Build

A Lamborghini carries a pretty hefty price tag in the showroom, but when you decide to do a full custom conversion on it, the figures can quickly add up, and up, and up! As in this case.

In a video uploaded to Alex Choi’s YouTube channel, the influencer gives the lowdown on his 2017 Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4. The full custom conversion on this car has so far cost a whopping $360,000, and here’s what he spent the money on.

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The Cost Of Dressing The Custom Lambo

In his casual laid-back manner, Alex takes viewers through the shopping list of items that he’s purchased for the Huracan, a car which carries a $305,000 price tag in the showroom. And he starts with the bodykit, which is a Gen 1 Super Trofeo that cost $72,100, a kit that’s actually designed for a race car. To get it to fit to his street car he had to have brackets and mounts custom-made, which took 300 man-hours to hand-craft at a cost of $45,000.

After paying $12,000 to have some panel gaps removed, he had the car wrapped. That was $20,000, plus $600 to have it ceramic coated. The Lambo’s raised rear wing isn’t part of the kit, that was $8,000, plus $1,200 for the upright brackets. The rear diffuser and front splitter are from Lamborghini, costing $18,000 and $12,000 respectively.

His custom black Forgeline wheels were $7,000, and the tires were another $2,500. Other external additions worth mentioning are the multicolor front fog (emergency) lights at $2,800, a windshield protector $1,800, carbon Kevlar fender liners at $4,000, and some Lazer cameras, another $4,000.

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More Power And A Few Nice-To-Haves

Lamborghini Huracan 610-4 custom
via YouTube (Alex Choi)

Under the hood, Alex has had a stage 2 engine kit (2 x 67mm turbos and a clutch upgrade) plugged in to the Lamborghini’s stock 5.2-liter V12 unit, which now punches out 1500 horsepower. And to keep this hot car cool, he’s had a fire suppression system installed at a cost of $2,000.

The ultra-cool sounding titanium GP Race exhaust system, which doubles as a flamethrower, was $17,500. And the FI exhaust headers were another $10,000. To screw all of this stuff together, Alex went to the Lamborghini race team. All the required screws, brackets, and essential hardware came to an additional $17,800.

Inside the car, as you’d expect, he’s parted with a few more greens. The custom-built AGX switchboard panel took 50 man-hours to build, and cost $9,000. The rear mirror, which doubles up as a dash-cam and rear camera, was $500. And the 3,000 watt ten-inch sound system was another $9,000. It’s clear that mobile phones are very important to this guy too, because he had a custom-built exterior phone charger installed for $2,500.

We haven’t included every single item that Alex bought for this car, but you can see that he’s not afraid to invest in his ride. He’s very nonchalant about the costs. “It’s not cheap, but I have sponsors and I have a social media,” he says with his trademark deadpan smile.

Interestingly enough, he could have purchased another Lamborghini for the price of this custom build. Which at $360,000 is $55,000 more than the cost of the Huracan. And to be brutally honest, the result isn’t that spectacular. But when you’ve got 780,000 subscribers on YouTube, and generous sponsors with very deep pockets, you probably wouldn’t care about the cost either, just the level of interest that it fetches.

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