A Closer Look At The Hydrogen Powered Ford Falcon

We saw some pretty extraordinary automobiles at the 2022 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, 1 of which was a hydrogen-run 1964 Ford Falcon Dash nicknamed Freebird. The Freebird Falcon takes advantage of a hydrogen-fueled zero emissions 2022 Ford 5.0L Coyote V8 engine. Though it’s been a couple months given that the motor vehicle present, ScottieDTV posted a video clip on YouTube where he speaks with Mike Copeland of Arrington General performance and gives a closer glance at the distinctive Falcon.

1964 Ford Falcon “FreeBird”: A Closer Glance

When Copeland and Arrington Efficiency unveiled the hydrogen-fueled supercharged LS3 truck named Zero, a large quantity of people attained out to get their fingers on hydrogen electricity, lots of of whom had been Ford men and women. That gave Copeland the thought to construct a Ford upcoming considering that he experienced a 1964 Ford Falcon sitting in his garage. The chance arose to do the new Coyote engine due to acquiring a direct and port injection, which enabled improvement with the technologies and everything lined up to put together this establish.

The motor began as a 2022 Ford 5.0L Coyote V8 crate motor, rated from the factory for 460 horsepower. The group at Arrington retained the use of sixteen injectors, changing the factory direct injectors with Bosch units made to spray hydrogen gas. In contrast, the port injectors are now liable for introducing drinking water, which is applied to handle the burn fee of the hydrogen. Even though just a just one-off, “FreeBird” demonstrates the possible of hydrogen combustion engines and could engage in a key position in the long term of cars.

Zero Emission Muscle Car Ford Falcon Coyote V8 2022 SEMA Show

In accordance to Mike Copeland, the 1964 Ford Falcon was in fantastic condition, minus some rust found in 1 of the quarter panels. Having said that, considering that Copeland desired to fit the car or truck with more substantial tires, both equally panels ended up taken off, and 14-inch tubs were included to the rear. They also changed the vehicle’s flooring to accommodate the Tremec TKX transmission on the motor vehicle. The vehicle’s overall interior is new, and the suspension is produced up of TCI suspension. At the front, the shock towers were eliminated and changed with the company’s management arm, which is far more equivalent to a Mustang.

Coilovers had been also additional, enabling them to add a larger engine compartment to fit the Coyote into the Ford Falcon. Furthermore, the vehicle’s rear has been outfitted with TCI’s Mustang torque arm method, which aids the automobile continue to be stable when driving far more aggressively. Enabling stopping electrical power for the 500-550 horsepower FreeBird Ford Falcon is 14-inch rotors and 6-piston Baer brake calipers on all 4 wheels.

The video clip also capabilities a complete auto walkaround as Mike Copeland discusses the ins and outs of the legendary auto. We cannot hold out to see what may possibly come up coming from Arrington Effectiveness, as they’re doing some pretty amazing things.