10 Most Dangerous Sports Cars Ever Made

Every automotive enthusiast dreams of driving sports cars, as they typically have the most powerful engines, the most advanced technologies, and the best engineering. However, due to their complicated nature and their incredible capabilities, sports cars can be dangerous to drive.

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Take the iconic Bugatti Chiron, for example. Everyone would love to drive this incredible beast, but only a few drivers can handle even half of its capabilities without crashing. There are many sports cars out there that may be fun but can be dangerous due to their insane power, challenging handling, or mechanical faults. Let’s explore some of them.

10 Porsche Carrera GT

Back in the ’90s, Porsche was among the main participants in the FIA GT1 Championship. When the championship was disbanded, Porsche decided to use the technologies it had developed for its race cars in a new road-legal supercar – that’s how the Carrera GT was born.

At the heart of the Carrera GT was a race-inspired 5.5-liter V10 making over 600 hp and 453 lb-ft of torque. It had a top speed of 205 mph, making it one of the fastest 2000s cars. However, this car lacked any driving aids, which became clear to many when it famously took the life of Hollywood sweetheart Paul Walker in a grisly accident.

9 First-Gen Dodge Viper

The Dodge Viper needs no introduction, as it’s an icon of the American auto industry. The Viper took the automotive world by storm when it debuted in the early ’90s as it had a stunning design that rivaled European supercars and a fire-breathing V10 under the hood.

Although the first-generation Viper made over 400 hp, Dodge didn’t equip it with key driving aids like ABS. As such, the first-gen Viper was involved in many terrible accidents, which is why it was nicknamed the Widowmaker.

8 Shelby Cobra Super Snake

Few people have had a bigger impact on the American auto industry than the legendary Carroll Shelby. Shelby was involved in the development of the Ford GT40, the Shelby Mustang, and the Shelby Cobra.

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The Cobra is arguably Shelby’s greatest work. Its European design and American power have made it a desired collectible. However, Shelby didn’t think the Cobra was all that, so he built a special version for himself and a friend – the Super Snake. The Super Snake could make 825 hp, which was unheard-of in the ’60s. Only one Cobra Super Snake survives today, as the other was driven off a cliff in a catastrophic accident.

7 Koenigsegg CCX

The CCX was an important model for Koenigsegg when it debuted in the 2000s. Although it was the Swedish brand’s third model, it was the first to have an in-house built engine – an all-aluminum twin-supercharged V8 making 806 ponies.

The CCX was extremely fast, but it had a huge problem – it lacked enough downforce. This became clear when Ben Collins a.k.a The Stig crashed it when filming an episode of Top Gear. After the crash, Koenigsegg fixed the issue by adding a rear wing.

6 Noble M600

Leicester-based Noble Automotive caused a huge wave of excitement in the 2000s when it unveiled its greatest creation ever – the M600. The M600 was developed to compete with the Ferraris and Lamborghinis of the world, and it matched its rivals in both design and power.

The M600 received great reviews from Jeremy Clarkson and other top automotive journalists, largely thanks to its stunning design and powerful engine – a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 dishing out 650 hp and 604 lb-ft of torque. The only reason gearheads should avoid the M600 is its lack of vital safety technologies like ABS.

5 Porsche 930 Turbo

The 930 generation of the iconic Porsche 911 is one of the most important, as it was the first-ever turbocharged 911. The addition of a turbocharger to the 911 excited many gearheads back then, as they felt more power could only make the rear-engined rear-wheel-drive 911 more fun to drive.

However, since turbocharging technology was still fairly new at the time, the 930 Turbo suffered from massive turbo lag. The power delivery was extremely unpredictable, making the 930 Turbo a handful for most drivers.

4 TVR Cerbera Speed 12

TVR doesn’t command the same respect as the likes of Aston Martin, McLaren, Bentley, or Jaguar, but it’s definitely one of Britain’s top sports car manufacturers. TVR has built many awesome but unknown sports cars, particularly in the ’90s. The Cerbera is among our favorites.

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The Cerbera was among the fastest sports cars of the ’90s, but TVR still felt it could be faster, which is why they built the insane Cerbera Speed 12. Equipped with a 7.7-liter 12-cylinder engine making almost 1,000 hp, the Cerbera Speed 12 could reach a top speed of 240 mph according to TVR. This insane power coupled with the lack of key safety features like airbags and traction control makes the Cerbera Speed 12 too dangerous for the road.

3 Pontiac Fiero

The Fiero makes many Pontiac fans sad when they think of how awesome it could have been. The Fiero debuted in the early ’80s and immediately received rave reviews due to its head-turning wedge-shaped design and mid-engined layout.

Unfortunately, Pontiac was going through an economic crisis, and to save money, the executives decided to use leftover parts to make the Fiero. The result was an unreliable sports car that would often burst into flames.

2 RUF CTR Yellowbird

RUF made a name for itself as an automaker that specializes in making high-performance versions of Porsches. The greatest car RUF has ever made came in the ’80s and it was called the CTR, or Yellowbird.

The Yellowbird started as a 911 Carrera but received many upgrades, including an increase in engine displacement and the addition of two turbochargers. With a top speed of 213 mph, the CTR broke the production car speed record. However, just like the Porsche 930 Turbo mentioned above, the Yellowbird was incredibly hard to control due to its power and turbo lag.

1 Pagani Zonda

When Pagani introduced its first-ever car in 1999, everyone was shocked. Dubbed the Zonda, this insane car had one of the wildest designs ever seen in a sports car, a luxurious interior, and a monstrous Mercedes-Benz V12 under the hood. It also had a crazy price tag to go along with all of that.

However, since it was Pagani’s first car, it was challenging to handle due to snap oversteer and unpredictable understeer. Even the renowned Lewis Hamilton said it was the worst handling vehicle he’d ever driven.