10 Affordable Japanese Cars That Have A Massive Selection Of Aftermarket Parts

When choosing a used car for a project, most customers look for a friendly initial price. But, even the most reliable cars in the used market have a lifespan and will soon need new parts. Therefore, it is also crucial to consider the selection available for aftermarket parts. This way, it is easier to maintain and modify your car.

Although almost any car today can be modified, having access to a wide range of aftermarket supplies from different companies can make a huge impact. It’s more convenient when sourcing car parts for automobiles with massive aftermarket support. Read on to discover some of the best affordable Japanese cars with a massive selection of aftermarket parts.

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10 Toyota Land Cruiser ($5,000)

The Toyota land cruiser is now more than 70 years old. Over the years, it has crossed deserts and conquered continents and difficult terrains worldwide.

If you are in the market for something affordable that you can take off-road without worrying too much about breakages, then the land cruiser is always the answer. Parts are available all over, so you can repair them whenever or tune them to your desired specifications.

9 Subaru Impreza ($10,000)

A Subaru Impreza offers a safe and affordable way to get into the car enthusiast world. Subaru cars are known to be fun and often take limitless modifications. The versatile Impreza comes as a hatchback or a sedan. It’s an excellent choice for individuals and families alike.

An Impreza is a fun daily-able car to drive and even work on. These cars, especially the naturally aspirated models, are built to last for years. Furthermore, parts are widely and affordably available.

8 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT ($6,500)

Mitsubishi isn’t necessarily a leading brand in the US nowadays, but the Eclipse GT was a fun and reliable car with good maintenance. There’s a notable aftermarket community for this car if you want to get into some mods.

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Many gearheads were obsessed over its much cooler, more capable brother, the Evolution, and so ended up ignoring the Eclipse. Because the Eclipse GT was a much-underrated car, they are now selling for cheap. But make no mistake, these things have the potential to be killer sleeper cars.

7 Nissan 350Z ($8,000)

All Nissan Z cars make up some of the Japanese cars that have massive tuning potential. If you know what to look for, finding a 350Z in decent condition isn’t that hard, and you can get tons of parts in the aftermarket to choose from.

If all you want from your sports car is a stylish exterior, a comfortable interior, and good, reliable performance, then the Nissan 350Z is for you. Because of its big 3.5L engine capable of extreme power when modded, you will soon be excited about building it. Then, you’ll be happy to learn that the aftermarket support is endless.

6 Mazda MX-5 Miata ($6,000)

There’s a reason you’ll spot so many Mazda Miatas at autocross events and track days. In a nutshell, it has always been the best sports car for regular people. For all that it offers, the Miata is an extremely affordable option for any gearhead to overlook.

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Stock, it offers excellent performance with a comfortable, satisfying drive. Moreover, the world’s most popular roadster is easy to work on and has great tuning potential. Besides, Mazda has been making these cars for a long time; thus, aftermarket parts are plentiful.

5 Toyota Soarer ($6,000)

Many people love the Toyota Supra so much that the prices of these cars are increasing tremendously. The main reason is that legendary 2JZ engine. Little known to many gearheads is that the Toyota Soarer/Lexus SC shared the same engine, making them as potent as the Supra.

This coupe is both sporty and luxurious. Sporty because it borrows from the Supra powertrain and luxurious because it borrows from Toyota’s flagship salon car, the Toyota Crown. As a result, parts are easy to find, and since the original cars had plenty of tunability, so does the Toyota Soarer.

4 Infiniti G35 ($4,000)

Infiniti has had a history of making cool sports sedans and luxury coupes but, at the same time, mis-hits. The Infiniti G35 is increasingly popular among gearheads as one of their favorite productions. The mid-2000s G35s have aged particularly well.

Inspired by the Nissan Skyline, these two platforms share many parts, making it very easy to find aftermarket support. It’s no slouch either, as the 3.5-liter V6 can sing to 260 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. G35s are available as coupes or sedans starting from $4,000.

3 MR2 ($10,000)

A Toyota MR2 is perhaps one of those cars you should buy before they shoot up in price. Used examples of the first and second-generation MR2 models have already inflated prices. It only makes sense to start getting the awesome third generation of the vehicle before they follow suit.

The 1999 MR2 is great for its fuel economy, affordability, and reliability. Sadly, it lost popularity due to its dangerous tendency for ‘snap oversteer,’ but in the hands of a good driver, it’s still a great car.

2 Toyota Celica GT-4 ($10,000)

Toyota designed the Celica GT4 as the answer to a four-wheel drive rally car. With it, they won various championships in rallies. The car is built on a bulletproof powertrain and transmission, making its ownership very easy.

It’s got excellent handling and makes decent power with the option to upgrade. Toyota made so many copies of the Celica. And, since parts are interchangeable with other Toyota cars, finding parts is easy and inexpensive.

1 Honda Civic ($3,000)

Similar to the Golf, a Honda Civic has a variety of generations to choose from, and all of them have a huge supply of parts and upgrades, no matter the type of car you’re trying to build. The VTEC engines on Honda civics are incredibly versatile, reliable, and simple to mod. It’s easy to see why the civic is an iconic tuner car.

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Whether you are in the market for engine swaps, ECU tuners, or body kits, there are unlimited options with the Honda Civic.